Huétor Vega’s Bean and Artichoke Gastronomic Route extends its duration to cover the entire season of these vegetables


The broad bean and artichoke route will no longer be a weekend event as in the past three years. The Tourism Department of Huétor Vega has decided to reinforce this gastronomic attraction by extending its duration until the end of the harvest season of these two vegetables, which, together with wine, have been the municipality’s hallmark for time immemorial.

In this way, until the end of May, visitors to Huétor Vega can enjoy in one of the fourteen participating restaurants a wide variety of dishes made with one of these two products as the main ingredient. From the classic “beans with ham” to more innovative proposals such as “confited beans with marinated cod, orange, and onion broth,” passing through “artichokes with romesco sauce, ham, and roquefort.”

Furthermore, as Mayor Mario del Paso points out, “all the beans and artichokes used in the preparation of these dishes are very fresh and natural since they have been harvested in our orchards to go directly to the restaurant kitchens.”

The councilor of Tourism, Jesús Fernández, highlighted the work that the City Council is doing to make Huétor Vega a tourist reference 365 days a year “with activities where our five senses are immersed in its history, culture, and traditions; with the consequent positive impact on local employment and economy.”


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