“Second Prize”: Isaki Lacuesta’s film about the Granada band Planetas triumphs as the best film at the 2024 Málaga Film Festival.


“Second Prize,” the film by Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez inspired by the iconic indie-rock band Los Planetas from Granada, emerges as the great winner of the 27th Málaga Film Festival. This feature film, which offers a heterodox perspective on the group’s history, has captivated both critics and audiences.

Despite not being a conventional musical biopic, the film has managed to capture the essence of Los Planetas, winning the coveted award for Best Spanish Film, the Golden Biznaga. It has also received recognition for Best Direction and Best Editing, highlighting the skill of filmmakers Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez, as well as editor Javier Frutos.

The plot transports the viewer to the late nineties, a crucial period for the band, where the departure of the bassist and the guitarist’s self-destructive spiral mark a turning point. The film not only narrates the events but also explores the different perspectives of each band member.

Despite its technical excellence, “Second Prize” was limited by the festival’s rules, which prevent more than three awards from being given to the same film. However, its impact and artistic quality consolidate it as a standout work in the current cinematic landscape.