Granada Venue for Major Protest Against Renewable Projects


A demonstration is planned to take place at Plaza Nueva in Granada against the current implementation of mega renewable projects including large-scale photovoltaic projects, biogas plants and marine wind farms. The event, organized by more than 20 associations from Granada and Almería, are advocating for a moratorium on such projects in Granada province. Under the slogan “Renewables Yes, But Not Like This,” the organizers criticize the profit-driven and speculative nature of the current renewable energy rollout. They highlight the lack of proper planning, public participation, and respect for biodiversity, leading to social and economic consequences such as depopulation, land ownership changes, and territorial control by multinationals.

The protest will take place on June 8, 2024, at 6:30 PM at Plaza Nueva.

The protesters claim that some areas are saturated with projects far exceeding their electricity consumption, while others lack the infrastructure to meet their needs. The organisers complain that rural areas often become producers, while urban and industrialized areas become energy receivers. They call for an efficient, low-consumption energy model that integrates bioclimatic building adaptations and for an understanding of the territory as a natural and cultural space, maintaining ecosystem balances and interactions with human inhabitants. Key demands include establishing a moratorium on current projects until proper planning and public involvement are ensured, achieving distributed energy generation, and promoting short supply chains. They also stress the importance of preserving agricultural land, biodiversity, and cultural heritage, and opposing the privatization of natural resources.


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