La Calahorra residents protest against construction of biogas plant


The La Calahorra in Action Association (LACEA) has launched a protest against the construction of a biogas plant, which commenced on April 29 in the locality.

The organisers pointed to the potential “environmental repercussions” of this development, highlighting its placement “atop a vital medicinal mining aquifer.” They emphasized that this aquifer serves as a crucial water source for numerous nearby communities, including the municipality, and warned of the looming risk of contamination. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the anticipated unpleasant odours stemming from the processing of slurry from local farms.

They also drew attention to the presence of protected bird species at risk of extinction in the vicinity, challenging the assertion by the company that “no birds exist” in the area, purportedly backed by a biologist’s endorsement. In contrast, they presented evidence from the Higher Council of Scientific Research, including reports, photographs, and videos, contradicting this assertion.

The protest organisers unequivocally stated that their objective is the shutdown of the plant. They affirmed their unwavering commitment to this goal, declaring that they are “not going to stop” until they achieve this objective.