The City Council of Almuñécar announces ambitious renovation project for Costa del Sol Avenue


Mayor Juanjo Ruiz Joya, along with Public Works Councillor Francisco Rodríguez, has presented the comprehensive remodeling and renovation project for the first phase of Costa del Sol Avenue. This initiative, covering from the intersection with Cala Avenue to Río Seco Bridge, will have a budget of 1,300,000 euros funded by the City Council.

In addition to Costa del Sol Avenue, other areas of the city were mentioned as targets for interventions in the near future, such as the municipal market and Doctor Álvarez Square.

The intervention will include the installation of a roundabout on Guadix Street, featuring a mermaid sculpture, to enhance traffic flow and access to San Cristóbal Beach. Alongside improvements in lighting and the expansion of sidewalks, green areas and customized urban furniture will be incorporated to give the avenue a distinctive character.

The primary objective of this intervention is to transform Costa del Sol Avenue into an accessible, modern, and attractive space that reflects Almuñécar’s tourism leadership. It is expected that this first phase will mark the beginning of a series of planned interventions to further enhance this important artery of the city.