Spanish Ministry denounces £97/day entry rule as British media hoax


The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has refuted claims circulating in the British media regarding a purported requirement for UK tourists to demonstrate possession of £97 per day in funds to gain entry into Spain. Reports emanating from various UK outlets alleged that holidaymakers risked being barred from entry if unable to provide evidence of financial means amounting to £97 daily throughout their stay.

The dissemination of these reports has led to outcry among British travellers, with some threatening to boycott Spain in response to what they perceive as an onerous regulation. However, a spokesperson for the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has dismissed these claims as baseless.

According to the spokesperson, there exists no systematic enforcement of such controls for tourists, and no instances of entry denial on these grounds have been recorded. They categorically labelled the £97 per day rule as a “hoax” propagated by the British media, asserting that it holds no validity in reality.