Guardia Civil rescues 23 immigrants from patera in Mediterranean


In a dramatic rescue operation, the Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil intercepted a patera (open boat) carrying 23 immigrants in the waters south of La Mamola on Tuesday morning. The operation began when the Guardia Civil received reports of a distress call around 23:30 on Monday night. The patera, carrying all male passengers with no minors among them, was initially spotted approximately 20 nautical miles south of Polopos-La Mamola. Responding swiftly, the Guardia Civil deployed their launch, Río Genil, to locate and intercept the vessel. By 2:00 in the morning, the interception was successful, with the immigrants safely brought aboard the Guardia Civil vessel. Upon arrival at Motril Port, it was revealed that the rescued individuals hailed from various countries. Thirteen were identified as Bangladeshi nationals, six as Eritreans, and four as Senegalese. The successful rescue highlights the ongoing efforts of the Guardia Civil to combat illegal immigration and ensure the safety of those risking perilous journeys across the Mediterranean.